Which Candies Should You Pack When Traveling?

There’s nothing quite like the quick energy boost that a nice sugary treat like candy can give you, especially when you’re out on the road. It’s simple and easy, allowing you to sate your hunger a bit in between meals with little to no effort. It’s hard to beat the cheap pricing of most candy as well!

With that said, there’s an awful lot of choices out there. If you are the type that can’t afford to go into candy stores to spend some time looking for candies that could benefit you while traveling, good thing is, there are a lot Image result for Which Candies Should You Pack When Traveling?of online stores like the SweetServices.com you can look into. Either way, every single store you stop at will have countless options available, even if it’s merely a small gas station on the way to wherever you may be headed. So, which candies should you pack when traveling? If you have a limited amount of room to work with or want the most convenience, it’s best to start thinking of the other needs of your travel and how each type might best fit within those bounds.


First of all, you should avoid any larger bags that have individual candies unwrapped inside. That means the likes of family size M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces, for example. Instead, opt for bags that have individually wrapped “fun size” candies inside. This way, you’re much less likely to make a horrible mess if things happen to spill out of the bag. You can also make sure everything inside stays fresh throughout the duration of the trip.

If you’re not going to be out too long, you might want to look into the boxed “theater candy” section. These assortments are usually only around a dollar a box, and the amount given is just enough to help tide you over between meals without giving you so much sugar that you’re left bouncing off the walls.

If you are traveling for a while, you should also make sure to include some mints or gum. These are almost always sold in the candy section. The number one reason you should grab some of these is obvious enough; they’ll work wonders for helping to keep your breath fresh!

Finally, you need to think about the longevity of anything you happen to bring with you. For instance, if you’re taking a road trip and you’re bringing chocolate along, it may be best to store it in a cooler to prevent melting. There’s no greater buzzkill than realizing your delicious candy has been turned into an inedible mess, and it’s even worse when you open the package and it gets all over the place! Be sure to travel with some wipes or paper towels for your hands as well!

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