School Safety & Security Has Been Called Into Question Repeatedly

School shootings and other incidents threaten schools, and it makes everyone wonder what can be done. Security for schools has increasingly become important over the last couple of decades. Is it one thing, or is it many things that need to be done? Furthermore, should schools have an increased security presence, or is it more about school policy and responsibilities of staff?

Maybe it’s both, but school safety and security has many people perplexed these days. Think about the school shooting that happened recently where the teenager went up to a school playground. The people that commit these crimes are finding new ways to do it each time, and they are always targeting schools these days. It’s horrible, and one of the worst parts about it is that some of the school shootings of course involve students as the shooters.

Image result for security systems for schoolWhat can schools do to improve security? They can start with security cameras. They need to be in the most populated areas, sure, but they also need to be in those corners and out of the way areas. Those are places where mischief can occur. This is just one step, but it’s an important step. Many schools are taking steps to improve security, but the people planning these attacks are one step ahead.

That just shows you that more needs to be done. It’s not enough for many schools to take many steps when these attacks are still happening. All schools need to take all steps. That is what needs to happen. So what’s next? You have the option of putting up fences and gates, and you can surely go with a stronger security presence as needed.

The problem that you run into next though isn’t knowing what your options are but still knowing what to do. You see, each school is different, and so decisions have to be made about what schools need when it comes to safety and security on an individual level, too. What are the security checkpoints in your school? Are ID cards used? What is the policy for visitors?

Schools have to address all kinds of safety and security issues. It’s not just the school shootings but so many other incidents that happen as well. It is obvious to everyone that work needs to be done immediately. Based on your role at the school you are involved in, what can you do to improve security?

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