Earthquake Safety Tips For Workplaces

Earthquakes are different from other types of natural disasters. Earthquakes often begin with little to no warning. This is one of the reasons why it is important for business owners and employees to be prepared for this type of natural disaster especially if the business is located in an earthquake prone area where Icon JDS believes you shouldn’t absolutely be doing. There are several tips that businesses can use to reduce the risk of damage, injury or disruption in the workplace.

The tips fall into the category of preparedness, they should be completed before an earthquake occurs so they will be effective.
The preparedness includes:

• Making sure employees know what to do before the earthquake occurs, while it is occurring and after it occurs
• Preparing for the unexpected before an earthquake

This type of participation involves employees and staff at all levels including those who have designed and maintained the buildings.

What To Before An Earthquake Occurs?

There are several activities that should occur in the first stage of preparedness. One of the first things that should be done is to ensure that the building as resistant as possible to earthquake damage. Business owners can contact their local regulatory agency in charge of building codes and safety to find out if the buildings in the area are subject to seismic design provisions.

This information is important to know because buildings that were built prior to these provisions may have vulnerabilities in their structural design.

Employees should also know what they should do during an earthquake. Safety orientations should be conducted earthquake drills should be performed on a regular basis. These drills will allow the employees to implement what they have learned.

What Should You Do During An Earthquake?

At the first sign that an earthquake is about to start, employees and staff members should immediately begin to put into practice what they have learned through the drills and workplace guides. By reacting quickly, they will be able to react safely in order to reduce their chances of injury.

What Should Employees Do After An Earthquake?

After the earthquake ends, the staff should be ready to begin prearranged emergency responses, and recovery plans. It is important to remember that aftershocks can occur for several minutes, hours or days after an earthquake. These aftershocks can exacerbate an already fragile workplace.

Preparedness is the key for workplaces to be able to handle earthquakes and minimize damage. Create and practice your company’ earthquake safety procedures regularly to reduce injury and structural damage.

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